Monday, April 15, 2013

Bertin Beginnings

The Andre Bertin T2 Restoration.  

This bike is the latest of my obsessive acquisitions!   My Daughter, Erin, has got me back into liking bikes.  She had borrowed her Mom's bike a few years ago, took it to Baltimore with her.  She did a minor maintenance "tune-up" on it, new tires, cables, bar wrap and such, so it's at least rideable.  I was inspired by that, and thought I'd dig out my old Raleigh and do the same.

20 years in the shed does a bike no good!  The Raleigh was rusty, ragged, dirty.  But I wanted to restore it anyway, as we had such a great time on our bikes, Joanne and Me, back in the day.  Many of our most memorable moments happened around our bikes.

When Erin, then Kevin, were little tykes we had put baby seats on the bikes, Joanne's UNIVEGA and my RALEIGH. It was a sight!  We were riding two little kids around the country side, through the back hills around Middlefield and Durham, Connecticut.  Soon we bought our first house in Newington, and rode the kids around the neighborhoods.  They soon outgrew the seats, we gave them to some other family with little kids, and Erin and Kevin eventually got their own bikes.  These fond memories, plus my middle-age desire to get back in shape inspired me to try to restore the Raleigh.  So my e-bay and Craig's List obsession began...

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